High Tide • Jasper

A soft warm breeze. The residents of Jasper feel it in the tender places of their bodies. It sighs, they sigh back. Their bodies relent a little, let down their guard. The breeze is gentle. It comes and goes. When it’s still, people forget about it. They perspire a little, and when it comes againContinue reading “High Tide • Jasper”

High Tide • Jeanne

Don turns on the heat, and as they drive slowly down the wet road, Jeanne is overwhelmed by a feeling of warmth and safety, as if the car were a kind of solitary, self-contained little world that nothing could penetrate. She and Don catch each other’s eyes and smile shyly, secretively, almost as if they’veContinue reading “High Tide • Jeanne”

High Tide • Thanksgiving

Up and down the Banks, the tide rises in earnest. The wind toys with the works of men, slamming a gate here, overturning a trash can there. Fred the cat lowers his head, fur bristling, and sniffs the buffeting air. With tail thrashing, he creeps under the pilings of a house near The Cove, whereContinue reading “High Tide • Thanksgiving”

High Tide • Hirsch

“I just called to ask you if everyone at the Outer Banks is stupid,” says Hirsch. He pronounces it “stoopid,” with a trace of a Brooklyn accent. “Listen to this,” he goes on, without waiting for a reply. “The Outer Banks is a very special place,” he reads from one of the brochures, “with veryContinue reading “High Tide • Hirsch”

High Tide • The Swans

A flock of swans is winging its way southward. But the swans have lost their bearings and gone astray. Really it’s not the swans but the land that’s gone astray. The flock flies to the limits of exhaustion, only to see no lake where a lake was last year. The lead cob falters and circlesContinue reading “High Tide • The Swans”

Andrea Fisher Rowland

Join the author’s community as we celebrate the publication of Andrea’s two books! Twice! In two different places! On two different dates and times! Attend both of them! Learn how the books came to be, and meet with the people who made it all happen. Celebrate! Pick up copies for yourself and for thoughtful gifts for all your words-loving friends.

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